Wonka bars

Wonka bar is homogeneity and is made of Delta 9. It just means that each square in the bar is the same dose as the next one and also each bar is consistently dosed from batch to batch. Wonka bars are one of the few edibles that consistently medicate me perfectly and kick my ass if so desired!

The medical grade 300mg of distillate is super potent and lab tested and certified.

The high is a full body bliss and warmth followed by waves of euphoria and slightly psychedelic body and mind effects!

Wonka Bars Flavours

Here at Wonka bar uk, we didn’t only set out to create the perfect medicate UK chocolate bar but also a chocolate flavour for every consumer. we were able to create a variety of flavours.

these different Willy Wonka chocolate bar flavours like Capn Crunch, Cocoa Puffs, Cookies n Cream, Flipz, Wonka Nutter, Smores, Samoas, fruity pebbles, you’re sure to find a favourite. if you ever come across these bad boys make sure to grab as many as you can.

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There is also a sweet nuttiness that is also very present. Tasting almost like a sweet, dark chocolate and almonds bar. The feeling I got from eating these bars was very impressive and effective. An intense head high behind the eyes gave way to a soothing body stone. Within minutes I was finding myself lost in thought and enjoying music while doing dishes.

Always utilize your high! it can be the little extra motivation you need to finally tackle a chore or to help with finishing a project.

where can I buy Wonka bars Uk?

Buy willy Wonka chocolate bar on the official website. you can be sure of the quality of our chocolate bars. we sell both to retailers and individuals.